Review: Flourish Bath and Body Perfume

Review: Flourish Bath and Body Perfume

Hello to all my lovely readers,

I am sad to say that I have developed a new guilty pleasure: online shopping. After stumbling onto the website, I have found myself constantly depleting my savings and chequings account.

One of the things I have recently been addicted to is perfume - something that I swore I was never going to get into before because it is so expensive to build up a collection.

However, after purchasing so many (by so many I mean two) bubble baths/ body cleansers by Philosophy, I should have probably figured out that I would inevitably lean towards that path.

Anyway, one of my favourite scents right now is definitely almond milk ($8.00 USD + shipping) by a brand called Flourish which advocates itself as only using products good for the skin. In almond milk, the listed ingredients only include fractionated coconut oil and fragrance.

What I love about this line of perfume is that you don't get an over bearing smell of ethanol that is present in so many other perfumes on the market. This, I think makes the perfume blend better with my skin and gives a more natural smell.

The perfumes are nice and compact roller balls so are easy to carry around and apply on the go. Another positive thing about this brand is that the prices allow you to test a few different scents at once and avoid buying a beautifully-named-but-strange-smelling scent (I have made that mistake a couple of times on Etsy already).

I am really glad I picked out almond milk's full size perfume - the best way to describe this perfume is soft and gentle - the milkiness makes it a comforting smell. In fact, it reminds me of a sweeter and slightly muskier version of fresh laundry - which I love.

Along with this, I actually purchased sample bottles of applewood and vanilla amber which I assumed to also be really soft and comforting warm scents - I was horribly surprised at first to find that the applewood was very harsh and smelled too vigorously like petuli and the vanilla amber smelled like a cross of burning plastic and vanilla.

Still, after letting the vanilla amber sit for 2-3 weeks, I found that the scent slightly altered and became a little muskier and more sensual: a cross of vanilla and burning wood, which is an interesting mix.

Although I do not wear it as often as the almond milk, I don't find the smell as repugnant as before and would use it on an evening date because it is a little more potent than the almond milk.

All in all I am really happy with my purchases and there are many shops in Etsy to look out for. I just wanted to point this as my favourite so far and the only store (in terms of perfume shopping) that I am completely happy with.

Stay gorgeous



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