Just for fun

Just for fun

One of my friends Evelyn from my dorm is really into nail art and since hanging out with her, I've started to get into it too. I felt that I had to post this picture up because of all the compliments I got for it - and conversely, I want to share it with all you readers out there.

This nail art is inspired by the February 2011 edition of Teen Vogue and the nail art in that issue was done by Bernadette Thompson.

Stupidly, I didn't get any brushes to draw with: hence the lack of immaculate shapes on my nails... Next time, I attempt this, I am definitely going to invest in some brushes to get my shapes cleaner. Still, considering the restrictions, I think the end result came out pretty well.

Products used:

** American Apparel Nail Varnish (Purple + Green)
** Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Lightning (Yellow)
** LA Colors, Color Craze Electric Charge (Pink)
** Marcia Shiny Nail Colour (electric blue) - available at Sasa for HK$3
** OPI Lucerne: tainly look Marvelous (Black) + Bullish on OPI (Red)

Of course you don't have to use the same products I used, but the list is merely there just for any curious parties out there. Hopefully this helped. Let your imagination go wild - it's how the most interesting patterns come to life!

Stay gorgeous



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