B-Boys' cool moves

B-Boys' cool moves


B-Boys' cool moves_L
Photo: Raf Sanchez / Red Bull
The final leg of the Hong Kong Red Bull BC One Cypher 2011 competition, held on February 27, was epic!

I didn't know a thing about street dance before - apart from seeing some videos of dancers at a McDonald's.

This live competition made me realise that street dance is a kind of high-octane performance art. It was a joy to watch the dancers interact with one another. Street dance tests not only dancers' physical fitness and dancing skills but also their personality and their creativity in challenging, teasing or putting down their rivals on the dance floor. Good dancers make fun of others' steps and show them up with their own skilful moves.

The competition featured more than 20 B-Boys vying for the championship title. It was a spectacle to behold. The dancers took their turns on stage showcasing their skills as the audience whooped and cheered.

It was a dancer with the nickname Monkey J who finally won. He was a dynamo of a street dancer who taunted his rivals in funny ways. He teased them by mimicking their moves and outdoing them with his own.

The whole event was great fun.



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