Hardly a dull moment

Hardly a dull moment

Jessica Cornish, who goes by her stage name Jessie J, showcases her talents as a singer and songwriter with her strong, original debut album Who You Are.

Price Tag was Jessie J's first number-one hit and features rapper B.O.B. Laidback and catchy, the song is an invitation to relax and party.

It's not all about fun, though. The plaintive Big White Room was Jessie J's first song, written at 17 years old, about a hospital stay. The pared-down guitar backing lends a deeply personal feel to the song, and allows her to show off her impressive vocal range.

Given the originality of some of the songs on this album, it's unfortunate that a few tracks fall short. Sometimes Jessie J does not take enough risks, such as in the ordinary R&B number Abracadabra. Yet, on the whole, this album is full of surprises. The musical style is hard to pin down - be prepared for rap, R&B, pop and calypso. Just when you think you've heard it all, Jessie J belts out Mamma Knows Best, a zany Motown-infused tribute to her parents.

Amid the sugary pop numbers and heartfelt ballads, there's the standout track Do it Like a Dude. Jessie J adopts an aggressive, tough posture to poke fun at male stereotypes. It's a daring number that was originally marked for Rihanna, but Jessie J carries it off with perfect attitude.



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