It's good in small doses

It's good in small doses

Following the turbulent departure of Noel Gallagher, Beady Eye came from the ashes of Oasis. Founded by brother Liam Gallagher, Beady Eye retains the other two core members of Oasis and their trademark Britpop sound. And their debut album, Different Gear, Still Speeding is like their Oasis days, although far less polished.

Noel was always the songwriter, so it's surprisingly pleasant to find Liam can hold his own. Debut release Bring the Light hints at Beady Eye's potential, and is not far behind the Oasis classics. The song is vintage rock 'n' roll, with a rush of piano keys at perfect intervals. Liam's vocals and lyrics are as brash as ever, giving the song an authentic pub-like atmosphere. The song fizzes energy.

But for every Bring the Light, there's a filler song. The 13-track CD begins to wear thin about halfway in, where all the songs start to sound the same. Wigwam has a psychedelic ambience and is a decent song. But a lethargic and trippy track three quarters into a rock album only serves to drag it out.

If you're listening to the album in one sitting, get ready for some stretches of tedium.

Beady Eye is just Oasis minus Noel. When listening to the album, you'll be wishing you had an Oasis CD instead.



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