Let's hear them out one last time!

Let's hear them out one last time!

Top debaters battle it out in grand final of Nesta-SCMP Debating Competition


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Photo: Nora Tam, Edward Wong, Jonathan Wong and May Tse
The stage is set for the grand final of the 11th Nesta-SCMP Debating Competition to be held next Tuesday at Hong Kong Baptist University. The contest is sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Let's take a look at the debaters, their views about the final and comments from their coaches.

Kap Yan Directors' College

Note: The school has not yet decided whether to use Ben So or Oboe Lam as their first speaker.
Name: Ben So Hoi-kin
Grade and age: Form Six, 18
Position: First Speaker
Keys to success in final: Sufficient research is a must for a successful speech. It is equally important to interact with the audience, keeping them thinking instead of just listening.
Celebration plans: Whatever the result, all of us will certainly have a great meal together that night.
From coach Ian Sanderson: Ben is the skilful writer of the group. Ben's style is to identify his weaknesses and practice until his delivery is flexible and perfectly timed.

Name: Oboe Lam Tze-kei
Grade and age: Form Six, 18
Position: First Speaker
Keys to success in final: Preparation is the secret of success. We can get lots of information about the debate topic so we will be familiar with the issue, think of strong arguments and be prepared for rebuttals.
Celebration plans: Once we know the result, we will embrace each other and thank our teacher for his full support. We will also phone our parents as soon as possible. Then we will have a big celebration dinner together.
From coach Ian Sanderson: Oboe has been an articulate and convincing speaker but, above all, she is a team player. What has impressed me most is her commitment to research and preparation even in the debates where she was not speaking.

Name: Peony So Sin-man
Grade and age: Form Six, 17
Position: Second speaker
Keys to success in final: "Practice makes perfect" is the golden rule. We have to make sure there are no illogical arguments.
Celebration plans: This is going to be the best present for my 18th birthday! I'll have a buffet with my family members to thank them for their support. From coach Ian Sanderson: Peony has an infectious passion for learning. And her passion shows when she delivers her speeches.

Name: Ellen Ng Man-yi
Grade and age: Form Six, 18
Position: Third speaker
Keys to success in final: A good understanding of the topic is essential. All debaters should be very familiar with the topic. A lot research and discussion has to be done beforehand.
Celebration plans: Maybe a dinner with our coach, Mr Sanderson. He has helped us a lot during the competition.
From coach Ian Sanderson: Ellen is our specialist in rebuttals. She has been coming up with arguments that our opponents might use, as well as responses consistent with our team strategy.

Ying Wa College

Name: Jonathan Chu Lok-ting
Grade and age: Form Four, 16
Position: First speaker
Keys to success in final: Teamwork is the most important factor. The three of us come together to research, brainstorm and form a case.
After that, we need to communicate with each other constantly to make sure there is a connection between the three speeches.
Celebration plans: We'll probably eat out.
From coach Komal Daswani: Jonathan thinks on his feet and has a tremendous passion for debating.

Name: Bon Bong
Grade and age: Form Three, 15
Position: Second speaker
Keys to success in final: Strong and clear presentation skills. No matter how much information you have, and how good your arguments are, it's no good if the audience can't hear it properly.
Celebration plans: A simple dinner perhaps would be an ideal celebration.
From coach Komal Daswani: With constant training, Bon Bong has become a fine debater. He has what it takes to be the best.

Name: Martin Ho Pak-lam
Grade and age: Form Six, 17
Position : Third speaker
Keys to success in final: Good preparation.
Celebration plans: Buy a cake for my coach and teammates to thank them for their hard work.
From Coach Komal Daswani: Martin is one of the best debaters at Ying Wa.



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