Let's get app happy

Let's get app happy

iPhone delivers a wonderful and often wacky world of activities and diversions right to your fingertips

What gadget comes out in a new version almost every year and has people queueing up for days to get their hands on it?

You got it, it's the iPhone.

And what would an iPhone be without its apps? It is possible to have an iPhone without the apps but that is like a person without a soul. The apps are more than just games to help you kill time; some are actually useful.

With so many apps to choose from, Young Post has selected a few for you so you don't have to spend hours looking through the 350,000 available on the Apple website.

Most controversial: Confession: A Roman Catholic App

Hailed as the perfect aid for every penitent, this app makes going to confession easier. It guides you through the Ten Commandments, with questions attached to each one.

Check the boxes for the sins you have committed, and you will be offered words you can later tell a priest when seeking absolution. It also helps you keep track of how long it has been since your last confession. It does not replace confession in a real church but seeks to help people prepare psychologically before they enter the confessional.

Most popular: Doodle Jump

Apple announced in January that Doodle Jump was the most downloaded app. This fun jumper game allows you to control the Doodler by tilting your iPhone left and right, bouncing ever higher from platform to platform. But the game is not just about bouncing. You have to avoid obstacles like tears in the background and broken platforms. You can also shoot down aliens and UFOs by tapping on the screen.

Charlotte Chan from the German Swiss International School is a fan of Puppet Jump, which is similar to Doodle Jump but allows you to use your own customised puppets. She loves it so much she finds it hard to put down.

Most innovative: Word Lens

Dictionaries are out. Word Lens is a reality app that lets you scan words with your iPhone and have them translated into another language.

Internet connection is not required, as this app cross-references the words against a database downloaded to the iPhone. It only supports English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English at present but more languages will be added soon.

Jocelyn Wong, who attends the University of Western Ontario, finds RiDj the most innovative app. You can speak into the microphone and the software syncs music, creating your own soundtrack. Her professor at the university even uses it in class to prove the merging of human and technology.

Most disgusting: iFart

The fatuous iFart lets you choose from 30 different fart sounds so you and your friends can have a laugh. Just tap and fart, it's that simple. If you want to pull a joke on your friend, you can use the timer so you do not have to be near them when you strike. If you cannot find a fart sound you like, you can record your own. Then there's the fart security option - just put your iPhone down and it will fart if it is moved. That should scare away the thieves.

Most meaningful: Earth Hour

Developed by green group WWF, this app brings everyone together for Earth Hour on March 26. The event invites people to switch their lights off for one hour at 8.30pm. The app gives you five mini games to play, showing you different ways to participate. You can also get 365 green tips. When you use the app, your current position will be shown on the Google Map so you can share the message with your friends on Facebook, encouraging more people to support Earth Hour.



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