All Star Superman

All Star Superman

Flying onto shelves isn't a bird or plane but the latest Superman animated movie from DC Universe.

In this new adventure, we find the Man of Steel saving a group of scientists from falling into the sun after Lex Luthor's evil helper damages the space shuttle's controls. However, Lex's real plan is to kill Superman by frying his Kryptonian cells.

Yes, this is another "Death of Superman" story, just not at the hands of a bloodthirsty alien. While I'm generally a fan of these movies, this one tried to jam too much into 75 minutes. One section where two Kryptonian astronauts arrive on earth didn't really add anything to the plot.

Like all of the DC Universe animated movies, this flick is a standalone project.

Special features for the DVD single disc include a sneak peek at Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

The two-disc special includes the above sneak peek and the featurette Superman Now, a short documentary about the Grant Morrison revamp. Also included are two bonus episodes from Superman: The Animated Series chosen by long-time DC producer Bruce Timm.

Blu-ray extras include all of the above plus a second featurette Incubating the Idea, an interview with Morrison; audio commentary by Timm and Morrison, All-Star Superman Virtual comic book, and a digital copy for portable media. The three versions will be available from HMV for HK$185 (DVD single), HK$240 (DVD two-disc special) and HK$220 (Blu-ray).


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