Rumer has it, debut is lovely

Rumer has it, debut is lovely

British singer-songwriter Rumer released her debut album, Seasons of My Soul, in November. Although new to the music scene, Rumer's music has a decidedly old-fashioned feel - positive comparisons have been made with Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters.

Rumer's sound is imbued with a lazy Sunday afternoon mood, a mix of old jazz and new pop, melding together in an album that is lovely, a delight to listen to.

First single Slow put Rumer on the map, peaking at No 16 on the UK charts. It proves the artist's effortless vocal abilities: her voice is warm and drowsy, and delivers a perfect lullaby for jazz lovers. There's a contemporary edge: multi-layered harmonies and a clever rhythm hint at a more dangerous tune.

Aretha is the real deal, and makes Rumer's musical talent crystal clear. While many artists have tried to capture the mood of thoughtful loneliness, Rumer finally succeeds. The melody is dreamy and lilting, the lyrics sincere and unpretentious.

Rumer is not the product of some corporation; her work is genuinely heartfelt. At first, you might be tempted to write off Rumer as another Duffy-esque "soulful" jazz singer. Listen more carefully: her music has a deeper layer that will keep this on replay.

YP Rating: 5/5



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