The right and wrong stuff

The right and wrong stuff

School rules offer students guidelines on how to behave ... but many are felt to be unpopular and silly

School rules are there as guidelines for a reason, whether you like it or not. And they are meant to be obeyed. Students are told: "The rule is to protect students from injuries", or "The rule is in the interest of the majority of the school students". The list of justifications can go on and on.

Nevertheless, students have their own opinions about how good, or bad, the school rules are. Some say the rules are hard to obey, calling them unreasonable, unnecessary or silly.

Young Post invited junior reporters to talk about the rules and policies at their schools. Three of them discuss their favourite and least favourite school rules here, and explain the reasons for their choices.

Ruby Leung, Form Two, Maryknoll Convent School, Kowloon Tong

"I personally hate all the school rules, especially the one that says, 'No reading at the Athletics Meet and Swimming Gala'. I seldom take part in these activities as I am such a poor athlete and swimmer. It is bad enough forcing me to attend, but it's even worse when we cannot do anything except munch on snacks.

People might say we should cheer on the athletes, but hey, we can't even see them down there! Why should we simply cheer blindly, while sitting and sulking for eight hours? We have the right to use our precious time the way we want. This rule is not even printed in the school diary. Prefects simply tell us off when we try to read.

The only rule that I am satisfied with is that girls are allowed to wear trousers when the temperature is 14degrees Celsius or below. With this rule, at least I won't freeze to death.

If I were in charge of a school, the only school rules would be, 'Abide by the Basic Law - and finish your homework on time'."

Nola Wong Yip-ming, Form Three, Belilios Public School, North Point

"I don't know about other schools, but I am quite satisfied with my school's policies. I think the best policy is that students can stay and study after school until 6pm. The school provides a room in which to study. I like this rule because we can study there in a quiet environment. My home is rather noisy. Moreover, we don't need to carry heavy textbooks back home.

The worst school policy is that the first term examination is in January. We cannot enjoy the wonderful Christmas holiday. Instead, we have to study."

Leona Chen, Form Two, Marymount Secondary School, Happy Valley

"The best rule at my school is wearing a proper uniform. I like this rule because I don't need to think about what to wear. To some extent, this rule also keeps students' minds on their studies. Students can just throw on their uniforms every day and need not worry about their choice of clothing.

On the downside, I dislike the policy that bans students from joining more than two clubs. This policy prevents us from exploring different interests."



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