Learn how to become a leader

Learn how to become a leader

What is the simulation about?

The phenomenal growth of the Indian microfinance sector, and recent turmoil - rumors of aggressive collection practices leading to borrowers committing suicides leading to unfavorable state government regulation resulting in massive borrower defaults, is a dramatic story and a great case study of leadership at its best and most challenging. A banking regulator compares this to the US subprime mortgage crisis. The father of Microfinance, Yunus of Grameen Bank, questions whether the Indian microfinance sector lost their way because they became profit-making businesses.

What is the real story?

Our simulation of the leadership challenges facing Indian microfinance companies gives students the opportunity to experience the life of micro-finance borrowers and to play the role of leaders who must tackle tough challenges.
- Make a decision about individual micro loan cases
- Make a decision on whether to live up to a personal guarantee
- How to negotiate with stakeholders whose interests are different from yours
- Whether to make a difficult compromise
- How to motivate yourself and employees in a crisis

Who is doing this and why?

This will be part of an exciting summer program offered by LEAP Studio. At LEAP Studio, we promote learning through interactive hands-on experience in the context of practical and relevant topics. Our curriculum covers a wide spectrum of topics selected to broaden students’ perspectives and knowledge about the world around them, and to serve as a means to interest students to think and write.

When is this?

The test will be some time in the week of Feb 28 - March 6, exact times tbd.

How can I participate?

If interested, please indicate your interest and contact information at the website below. If you have any questions, please email agnes.kong@leap-studio.com

More information: www.surveymonkey.com/s/H65CDTY



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