Old-school superhero kicks

Old-school superhero kicks

Ignore the critics who have trashed The Green Hornet. They clearly were not in the right frame of mind to value a comedic superhero flick by quirky French director Michel Gondry.

The Green Hornet is a superhero in the same vein as Batman. He is Britt Reid, a spoiled, rich kid who inherits his father's newspaper empire. Daddy didn't have much time for him growing up, meaning he grew into a 20-something slacker and party animal. But when he meets Kato (Jay Chou), an employee of his dad who happens to be an inventing and martial arts genius, he decides to smarten up his act.

Wanting to do something worthwhile with their lives, the duo become masked vigilantes, and fight crime, all the while fighting over Britt's secretary Lenore (Cameron Diaz). But rather than promote themselves as heroes, they sow seeds in Britt's paper that they are the city's biggest criminals - until they meet double-barrelled-pistol-toting godfather Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz).

The action is engaging and exciting, yet never takes itself so seriously as to detract from the humour. The ingenious monster car and surreal fight scenes offer plenty of 3-D fun. This is a totally enjoyable, laugh-a-minute romp.

Some coarse language

YP rating: 3/5



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