Show a little kindness

Show a little kindness

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Children at Think International, a Hong Kong kindergarten and primary school, have been even kinder than usual to one another this past week.

Every student has been carrying out random acts of kindness, such as making popcorn for classmates, and serving coffee, tea and scones to staff. Some children even washed their plates after lunch.

Douglas Anderson, deputy principal of the primary school, came up with the idea after reading about Canadian students who carried out random acts of kindness just before Christmas.

"I liked the idea and decided to incorporate it into an activity leading up to Lunar New Year," he says.

Anderson is delighted by the initiatives shown by students and will definitely run the activity again next year.

Students will continue to carry out their acts of kindness up until February 17, the official day for random acts of kindness.

Young Post is encouraging readers to perform random acts of kindness, too. Here is how you can get involved:

1 Come up with an idea and a plan of action. (For example, my idea is to spend an afternoon with an elderly person. My plan of action includes the name of the person I will visit, the date I have planned to visit him, and what I intend to do during the afternoon.) Send both your idea and plan of action to by February 7.

2 Perform your act of kindness.

3 Write a 150-word report about it and take at least two photographs. You will need to send in your report and picture by February 10.

Your report could be chosen to be published on our cover on February 17.

We can help you come up with an idea or help carry it out. Send an e-mail to with "random kindness" in the subject field. Don't forget to include your full name, age, school and contact number.

And remember that even simple, small acts of kindness - such as baking cookies and sharing them - can make a big difference.



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