Script: Listening Exercise 96

Script: Listening Exercise 96


Mr Lee and Miss Kwok are in charge of the annual careers convention at St Hilda’s Secondary School. Listen to the two teachers discussing their plans.

Mr Lee: The boss asked me this morning why we’ve moved the convention this year from the beginning of March to the end. He’d forgotten we changed the timing last year so the careers convention wouldn’t be in the same fortnight as the school prize giving evening.

Miss Kwok: How strange! It was Mr Wong’s idea that we changed the timing.

Mr Lee: Have you heard from Kowloon to see whether they’ll be sending anyone this year?

Miss Kwok: I’ve emailed them four times and called at least twice. They won’t say yes or no, so I think it would be best to cross them off the list.

Mr Lee: I heard from Top Hotels this morning. They’re going to send a couple of people from their head office.

Miss Kwok: So how many hotel companies have we got coming?

Mr Lee: Six... and Top makes seven. The hotel companies always get a lot of interest from both students and parents.

Miss Kwok: We’ve got ten leisure industry companies coming this year. We only had five last year so that’s a good increase.

Mr Lee: But the number of restaurant chains that have accepted our invitation is down from last year. I’ve only heard from four of the ones I contacted.

Miss Kwok: I’m pleased that new chain of bookshops in town is going to send someone. They’ve opened three shops this last year and plan another four for the end of this year.

Mr Lee: That's great. Oh, I was looking at the layout plan of the hall last night. I think we should put the bookshop representatives near where people come in.

Miss Kwok: I’ve already promised the local sports centre and the golf club the two tables nearest to the door. They were there last year and have asked to be in the same place.

Mr Lee: No problem. We’ll keep them there.

Miss Kwok: The catering college is sending quite a few representatives this year.

Mr Lee: We’ll put them on three tables in the middle.

Miss Kwok: Is Mr Wong going to give an opening speech?

Mr Lee: He hasn’t said anything. I hope not. He was so tedious last year.

Miss Kwok: When shall we have our meeting to finalize things?

Mr Lee: Two weeks on Friday, I think. As we’d planned.

Miss Kwok: We must tell the Young Post about the convention.

Mr Lee: I sent them an email yesterday. Right, is there anything else we should mention now before we forget? I can’t think of anything. Can you?


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