A question of size

A question of size

Young Post is inviting junior reporters to investigate on snacks that have been downsized. If you eat snacks regularly you may notice that certain snacks such as lemon tea and chewing gum has become smaller. They charge the same price for less value and do not inform consumers openly about it.

When new products are launched the companies spend a lot of money to promote it trying to let everybody in the world know about their product. In contrary, when it comes to things like downsizing their product, businessmen who are as sly as foxes sure know the right time to keep silent and wish not to draw any attention to their actions.

Here is a chance for you to share your experience of downsized snacks. You can draw on your experience or interview friends. Write about your feelings towards snacks being downsized. How does it affect you? Will you consume less? What do you think of the manufacturers downsizing the products and try not to draw attention to it? Please also send in pictures of you with your downsized snacks. Be creative and funny.

Remember to write your name, school, age and contact number. If you are interviewing your friends, remember to include their full details in the report too, and add caption to your pictures.

Write around 150 words, and email your work to reporters.club@scmp.com before Friday, February 11.

Please feel free to call me at 9807 1839 or email me at yathei.wong@scmp.com if you have any questions


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