A feast for the eyes from Asia's best

A feast for the eyes from Asia's best


(From left) A piece by Alex Wang and a dream creation by Keita Maruya.
(From left) A piece by Alex Wang and a dream creation by Keita Maruya.
Photos: Reuters, AP
Four of Asia's top designers - Keita Maruyama, Doii Lee, Alex Wang and Barney Cheng - showcased their collections at the Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza.

The event was organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council as a highlight of the Hong Kong Fashion Week.

Maruyama, a Japanese designer, kicked off the show with his dreamy "Sweet Memories" collection, which gave modern sartorial shape to old Japanese styles.

The different seasons were highlighted by various floral and colour elements.

Doii Lee, a Korean designer, in turn strove for feminine elegance. Her designs featured cheerful colours. Lee seeks to tell stories in her collections. In Hong Kong she showcased designs promoting understanding among cultures. She incorporated silhouettes and original cuts in her unique creations.

Alex Wang, a mainland Chinese designer, showcased both men's and women's wear. Working with the theme "Revive Reform," Wang wanted to convey a message of "change and subversion." The designer says he was inspired by Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando from the Hollywood classic A Streetcar Named Desire. Wang seeks to break free from traditional masculine and feminine elements in his designs. He introduces delicate designs in his menswear and combines softness with strength in his clothes for women.

Barney Cheng, a Hong Kong-based designer, wrapped up the show in a spectacular fashion by making great use of spotlights on the runway. Focusing on the theme of "Urban Romance," Cheng's designs highlighted the diversity of cultural influences that exist in Hong Kong. His designs ranged from gorgeous evening wear and ready-to-wear pieces, merging sophistication and simplicity.

Great care went not only into the designs but also into staging the fashion show. The soundtrack and lighting reflected the unique atmosphere of each collection. The event, a celebration of creativity, was a feast for the eyes.

Photos by Ankita



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Very well written article which describes the event frame by frame.The photographs have captured the vibrant colors of the shows. Excellent - Akhileshwar