Go green - the 3 Cs

Go green - the 3 Cs

Following last year's success, green group WWF is extending its Climateers Ambassador Experiential Programme to the Sai Kung and Wan Chai districts.

The programme, organised with support from the Environmental Protection Department, shows how individuals can make a difference in reducing Hong Kong's global carbon footprint.

Two junior reporters have signed up to become ambassadors and will report their experience in Young Post. Elaine Yu, from Sai Kung district, went to the opening ceremony last Saturday. Here is her report.

We can drastically improve our environment if we are willing to take some simple steps.

Last Saturday, the opening ceremony of the Climateers Ambassador Experiential Programme brought together many concerned residents from Sai Kung and Wan Chai.

WWF invited some guests, including environmental expert Lowell Lo, celebrity chef Margaret Xu, and head of the climate programme at WWF Hong Kong, Dr William Yu.

They shared their opinions on how to tackle climate change and ways to lower our carbon footprints.

Some Climateers Ambassadors will visit the Mai Po wetland this weekend to learn more about the fight against global warming.

But for now, here's something you should know: the 3Cs - calculate, cut and communicate.

First, calculate your carbon footprint. Second, cut wastage and set a goal to reduce your carbon footprint. Last but not least, communicate with people and encourage them to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle.

You may not be a WWF Climateers Ambassador, but you can read our reports and help reduce the effects of global warming. Start by implementing the 3Cs.

Calculate YOUR carbon footprint online at climateers.org/eng/contents/climateer_calculator.php



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