JT has nothing to worry about

JT has nothing to worry about

He was once hailed as the UK's Justin Timberlake, but Shayne Ward has yet to live up to that promise - and his latest album, Obsession, is unlikely to help him.

The first single is a cover of rock band Nickelback's Gotta Be Somebody. The pop makeover works well on this upbeat song and bodes well for what follows.

Unfortunately, the title track that comes next doesn't live up to expectations. The verse is enjoyable enough, but Ward breaks into an ear-splitting falsetto in the chorus, which will force all but the most ardent of his fans to hit "next".

Must Be a Reason samples irritating dance track King of My Castle - and doesn't seem to add much, apart from what sounds like a fake Auto-Tuned voice.

Close to Close is the album highlight, with its simple arrangement and heartfelt lyrics. Ward does best on ballads: he is able to inject real emotion into his voice when telling his love "it's you and me against the world". Foolish, too, is a pleasant listen - the simpler songs work best.

Sadly, he decided not to stick to his strengths on closer Nobody Knows. By adding tinned reggae beats, the poignancy and meaning of the original are lost.

He may be easy on the eyes, but sadly the ears don't benefit as much from Ward exposure.

YP rating: 2/5



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