Ideal mix of scenery and stars

Ideal mix of scenery and stars

One might expect The Tourist, starring two of the most beautiful and talented actors in Hollywood, to be nothing more than a money-spinner: a thriller with the usual chase scenes taking advantage of two A-listers. But it is far from what it first seems.

Angelina Jolie has successfully played Brits and spies, so it's no surprise that her character Elise is a British spy. But unlike previous roles, this woman is surprisingly calm and feminine. Johnny Depp plays to perfection maths teacher Frank, travelling around Europe to mend a broken heart. His portrayal is so real and his lines so charming anyone female in the audience will wish they were the one to meet him on the train.

The story is set against the magnificent backdrop of Venice. The stunning bird's eye views of the city and its beautiful canals make even the chase scenes uplifting. The same is true of Jolie's elegant, extravagant wardrobe which makes heads turn whenever she goes.

The plot is light and creative with some funny twists which give the story a Hitchcockian feel. Tourist is refreshingly entertaining with some delightful surprises. You can't help but marvel at the cleverness of the German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck in bringing such a stimulating angle to what could have been just another Hollywood spy movie.

YP rating: 5/5



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