Anime bonanza back on our screens

Anime bonanza back on our screens

Happy New Year, Otaku Zone fans. While several anime shows ended last year, we can look forward to 17 new shows in 2011. Some of our top picks have already started, so tune in!

Beelzebub: High school boy Oga Tatsumi finds the Demon King's baby floating down a river. After rescuing the child, he learns he has been chosen to raise it. Along for the ride are a bunch of high school delinquents and the baby's demon maid Hilda. This is supernatural action comedy: think over-the-top fights and ensuing hilarity.

Freezing: A futuristic earth is invaded by aliens, and only genetically-altered girls known as Pandoras, along with their male partners known as Limiters can stop them. The show focuses on one Limiter's quest to partner up with Bridgette L. Satellizer, the most powerful Pandora in her class. This is an action anime, so expect some spectacular fights and some alien gore.

Kimi ni Todoke (Season Two): We loved the first season and were pleasantly surprised to see it got a second run. Kuronuma Sawako returns for more high school romance with Kazehaya Shouta the most popular boy in school. The first season was an endearing comedic romance. Expect more of the same for season two.

Wolverine: Iron Man got an anime makeover last year and now it's Wolverine's turn. Like the Iron Man show, it's set in Japan, where he has quite a history in the Marvel Comics universe.


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