Charity, manga-sytle

Charity, manga-sytle

While many of us got some wonderful Christmas gifts from our families, the less fortunate may have had to depend on the kindness of strangers.

One kind person left orphans some much-needed cheer on the doorstep of a child guidance centre in Japan's Maebashi City on Christmas morning. Stacked in a pyramid were 10 Randoseru-style school bags, each worth about 30,000 yen (about HK$2,800). There were five black school bags tied with blue ribbons and five red ones with pink ribbons.

Left with the bags was a note saying: "Please use these backpacks for the children". The card was signed Naoto Date, the alter ego of Tiger Mask, a manga/anime professional wrestler that fights for children in an orphanage.

The sturdy leather school bags are designed to last a child throughout primary school. They will be given to 10 orphans who are starting school next year.

While it's usual to donate toys and clothing to needy children, school supplies are often overlooked. So if you are out with your parents shopping for school supplies for the new term, why not ask them to get some extra stationery (and a bag) for a needy orphan? Charities like The Salvation Army and Crossroads collect them and pass them on to needy children.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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