WWF Climateer Ambassador

WWF Climateer Ambassador

WWF’s Climateers programme pushes individuals and organisations to take action to tackle climate change in Hong Kong. Following the success of last year’s Climateers Ambassadors Experiential Programme, the conservation body is inviting Hongkongers who live in specific districts to join forces and work towards a low carbon community. We would like Junior Reporters to be involved in this important project and keep other Young Post readers informed of what they experience and learn.

By joining it you will be entitled to informative seminars and workshops to learn about ways to combat climate change and hear from inspirational speakers on how they live to protect the environment. We have four places for our Junior Reporters to attend this programme, which starts in January and ends in March.

To qualify:

1. You must be at least 15 years old

2. You must live in the Wan Chai or Sai Kung district.

(Wan Chai Districts include: Hennessy, Oi Kwan, Canal Road, Causeway Bay, Tai Hang, Jardine's Lookout, Broadwood, Happy Valley, Stubbs Road, Southorn, Tai Fat Hau.

Sai Kung Districts A include: Sai Kung Central, Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung Islands, Hang Hau West, Wan Po, Wai, Do, Kin Ming, Choi Kin, O Tong, Fu Kwan, Nam On, Hong King, Tsui Lam, Po Lam, Yan Ying,Wan Hang, King Lam, Hau Tak, Fu Nam, Tak Ming, Sheung Tak, Kwong Ming.)

3. You must be able to attend two events this month: the opening ceremony on January 15 and a workshop in Mai Po on January 22 or 23.

4. You will take part in the WWF's competition by submitting a proposal of carbon reduction methods. Details: http://climateers.org/eng2/html/schedule.php

5. You need to be able to find five relatives or friends willing to calculate their carbon footprint online, and calculate your own.

6. You need to be committed to the scheme, and submit reports when we ask you to. You will have to submit at least three stories of 300 words, but you will be free to submit more if you wish.

7. We are also looking for someone who is willing to blog about his/her experience once a week.

8. You need to be a junior reporter (you can sign up here).

To apply:

Send an email to reporters.club@scmp.com with your full name, age, school, contact details and a few lines on why you want to join. Write “climateer ambassador” in the subject and include if you would like to blog during the programme.

The email must reach us by 10AM Monday, January 10. The four selected junior reporters will be advised on Monday and given more details to register by Wednesday, January 12, so check your email.


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