Script: Listening Exercise 93

Script: Listening Exercise 93


Ruthie loves to write. She writes letters, e-mails, short stories and poems. And she loves to read the pieces she has written to her friends, who always listen with great patience. Today, Ruthie is talking to her friend Flo. She is very excited because she has some very good news.

Flo: You look like you're in a very good mood this morning. You’ve got a big smile on your face. What’s happened?

Ruthie: You’ll never guess!

Flo: Go on. Surprise me.

Ruthie: Well, at long last, I’ve had something published. A letter in the morning paper. Isn’t that cool? I’ve got my name in print at long last.

Flo: You've written to newspapers before. That’s nothing new.

Ruthie: I know. Last night,I looked up all the letters I’ve sent on my letter spreadsheet. I’ve sent twenty-seven.

Flo: They must be getting fed up of you. What was this letter about?

Ruthie: About the importance of students getting jobs during the summer holidays.

Flo: I suppose you’ve got a copy of the paper with you.

Ruthie: I have one in my bag. But they cut it down from a thousand words to just under five hundred. And they’ve missed out some of my best points.

Flo: Better than nothing.

Ruthie: Yeah! I am really excited. I’m really going to push to get one of my short stories published now.

Flo: That one you wrote about the cat and the cactus was good. It made me laugh.

Ruthie: Well, it shouldn’t have done. It was supposed to be scary.

Flo: Sorry. What else have you written recently?

Ruthie: I’m on chapter fifteen of my novel. Exactly half way through. I’ve got it all planned out and am progressing very well.

Flo: Who’s going to be the first to read it?

Ruthie: My dad. He’s always given me the greatest encouragement to write. He says I’ve got a great imagination. I’ve already sent my outline for the novel to fifteen publishers, but haven’t heard a thing. But that’s okay because J.K. Rowling had Harry Potter refused by loads of publishers until someone took her on.

Flo: The ones who turned her down must be kicking themselves. How’s your film script coming along?

Ruthie: Oh, I’ve abandoned that for the time being. I got writer’s block - I wasn't sure where the story was going, so I’m giving that a rest.

Flo: Right.

Ruthie: But my latest project is a comedy script for television. A kind of “Friends” show set in Hong Kong about a group of six university students who share two next door flats. I’ve got all the characters worked out. In fact one of them is based on you.

Flo: What? You’re joking! Tell me more. What’s this character like? Is she interesting and intelligent, like me? Come on. Spill the beans.


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