First Squad (film)

First Squad (film)

Long-dead medieval knights rise from the grave to help the Nazis take on the Soviet Union - but one girl stands between them and victory. Watch First Squad, as Nadia and her ghostly comrades battle a horde of undead.

The story, set in the second world war, centres around Nadia, a soldier in an elite unit of the Russian army's supernatural division, the First Squad. But before they finish their training, all but Nadia perish in an air raid.

Nadia, a powerful "seer", repeatedly envisions a Russian solider being beheaded at the hands of a medieval knight.

Meanwhile, Ahnenerbe, a Nazi occult organisation, has calculated that the next "moment of truth", a rare moment when the actions of a single man can determine the outcome of an event, a battle or even the entire war, is on its way. The group summons the ghost of the evil Baron von Wolff to help them thrive in that "moment".

Armed only with a katana sword, the teenager summons the ghosts of the First Squad and sets out to face the Baron's evil army.

The movie is written and produced by Michael Spritz and Alexey Klimov with Studio 4oC (Halo Legends) handling production chores. The film is directed by director and animator Yoshiharu Ashino (Tweeny Witches) of Studio 4oC, and features character designs by Hirofumi Nakata.

The DVD is due out soon.


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