Put on your party face for New Year

Put on your party face for New Year

MAC makeup artists show YP Junior Reporters some professional tips and techniques for a great look over the festive season

Seven junior reporters attended a workshop organised by renowned cosmetics brand MAC. Two makeup “teachers” gave a step-by-step lesson to a party look. Natalie shares the knowledge so you can try it at home.


1 Mist face with toner to refresh, then moisturise.
2 Use a flat brush to apply primer to the whole face. This will help the makeup stay on longer.
3 Dab a thick concealer under the eyes and on any flaws. Be sure to blend it in.
4 Use a small, fluffy brush to roll loose powder over the concealer.
5 Load up a big, fluffy brush with powder foundation and apply it on your face in circular motions.

Eyes & eyebrows

1 Load an angled brush with a dark eyebrow colour. Follow the natural shape of your brows and fill them in. Define them – but don’t overdo it.
2 Apply a pale cream eyeshadow all over your lid.
3 Line your top lid thickly with black kohl eyeliner, ending with a triangle shape near the ends.
4 Use a brush to fade out the kohl.
5 Load up your eyeshadow brush with your main colour, then pack it densely all over your top lid.
6 Soften the edges with a blending brush.
7 Place a light shade such as gold in the inner corners. This will help to brighten your eye.
8 Line your lower lid with kohl. Again, soften and fade with a brush.
9 Curl your eyelashes. Start as close to the lid as you can and then slowly “walk” your way to the ends.
10 Take your favourite lash-defining mascara and apply heavily to your top lashes. Apply a little to your lower lashes, too.

Cheeks & lips

1 Load up your blush brush with a warm-coloured blusher. Then suck in your cheeks and brush on your cheekbones. Brush in a downward motion towards the end of your cheekbone.
2 Apply a rosy lipstick with a lip brush. This helps define your lips.
3 Apply a shimmery lip gloss from the middle of your pout, working your way out and voila!

Products used at each step


Fix + brume fixante, HK$140
Studio moisture fix lotion hydratante, HK$190
Prep + prime skin base visage, HK$200

Studio perfect foundation, NC25 for a natural skin tone, HK$350
Select moisture cover, NW20 tone, HK$252

Eyes & eyebrows

Brown shader, browning & porcelaine colour, HK$140
Paint pot, bare study colour, HK$140
Eye kohl smolder, HK$130
Mineralised eye shadow, odd couple colour, HK$160
Haute & naughty mascara, HK$180


Mineralised blush, warm soul colour, HK180


Prep + prime lip, HK$125
Creme stick liner, sublime culture colour, HK$125
Lipstick, hug me colour, HK$130
Dazzle glass gloss, baby sparks colour, HK$160

Reports and impressions from the YP junior reporters

Natalie Chui

School and homework leave me little time for myself, so I don’t wear makeup often and when I do, it’s very simple and natural. This MAC workshop showed me how makeup can change a person’s look. I used to think that applying makeup was time-consuming and difficult, but I came to realise it isn’t that hard.

The colours we used were very vibrant. At first, I thought it would be too much for my style, but I really like them on me. It was nice to try something new and more daring.

I absolutely loved this experience because it made me more confident about makeup and about myself.

Heyna Wong

At the workshop, we learned tips and techniques to get the latest party look.

The makeup procedure didn’t seem too complicated to me. If you’re still on holiday, you should try it too. You’ll have a happy new year!

Juliana Law

Some of the most exciting things during the festive season are the parties. And to look good for our family and friends, picture-perfect makeup is a must. Because I have sensitive skin, I had never tried makeup before the MAC workshop.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I learned that makeup is actually easy to apply, and feels light and comfortable even on sensitive skin like mine.

Some of the products, like MAC’s mineralised range, work absolutely fine on sensitive skin. Makeup is also a great way to cover up any flaws for a special night. It’s not just a fancy wrapping; it enhances your natural beauty. Have a glamorous night tonight!

Ken Cheung Kwan-kiu

The workshop definitely helped those interested in getting a makeover, especially girls. I didn’t know much about cosmetics before. The workshop gave me an insight into what it means to be a makeup artist. It was fun to apply makeup and see how your face can look totally different when you are coated with products.

Our “makeup teachers” were very patient and helpful; they took great care of beginners like me. I had trouble drawing a black line over my eyelid. They showed me how to do it until I got it right.

The workshop was very entertaining: we made fun of each other and told jokes. It was fun to learn in that sort of atmosphere. So yes, I had a wonderful time!

Priscilla Lau Yin-kiu

This was the first time I had used makeup. One of the makeup artists explained the techniques for each step while demonstrating on Natalie. Her assistant helped us choose and match the products. Then we tried them out.

I really liked their products, especially the two-in-one mascara brush.

I found out that applying makeup is just like painting our faces. The workshop was fun and we all looked gorgeous after the training.

Rachel Cheng Hiu-tan

It was the first time I had attended a makeup workshop. It was a wonderful way to learn about cosmetics.

People always say you should have a makeup base on your face before applying anything heavy. But they don’t tell you how and why. Having a makeup base, or primer, can create a protective layer on your face for a longer-lasting and more natural look. You can simply apply moisturiser and primer to your face.

The most challenging part was applying the eyeliner. I was like a preschooler holding a crayon and smudging my eyes. Thankfully my “teachers” Janice and Alice helped me and saved me!



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