Hearty dose of good, clean fun

Hearty dose of good, clean fun

The latest Narnia film is like watching childhood dreams come alive - if you put them through the Hollywood CGI machine. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader follows the adventures of Edmund and Lucy Pevensie in the world created by British writer C.S. Lewis. His series of seven novels are considered classics. But if that sounds stuffy, don't be put off. Dawn Treader is a rollicking ride.

While the stars are billed as Ben Barnes, who plays the handsome King Caspian, Georgie Henley, as Lucy, and Skandar Keynes who plays Edmund, this is Will Poulter's show. Poulter plays the siblings' cousin, Eustace Scrubb, an absolute little pill. They are thrown together on a quest fit for royalty, with all the fantasy characters you would find in a good MMORPG - swashbuckling mice and muscle-heavy Minotaurs.

Because the books are written for children in the 1950s, the script is refreshingly free from bad language and gratuitous violence. It's full of notable quotes and moral fibre, and of course, good triumphs over evil.

Where it falls down is that everything is so canned. It feels almost as if the script is run on a stopwatch - things happen with such precision, the fights look fake.

Still, it's rather like a favourite blanky: protective and ever so snug.

YP rating: 4/5



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