Iron Man (Anime)

Iron Man (Anime)

Marvel Comics' most tech savvy character Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, gets "Anime-ted" in an all-new show on Animax.

The popular character who achieved worldwide recognition thanks to two mega-blockbusters starring Robert Downey Jnr now gets a Japanese animation makeover from Madhouse, the company responsible for such hit anime shows as Chobits, Death Note and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

Madhouse has also Anime-ted Batman in two shorts: In Darkness Dwells and Deadshot for the Batman: Gotham Knight DVD.

The new series sees the tech knight travel to Japan to oversee the construction of an Arc Station that will provide the country with free unlimited energy.

But no good deed goes unpunished. Both the Japanese people and politicians are suspicious of Iron Man's alter ego Tony Stark's intentions, which causes both problems both political and in terms of publicity for the American industrialist.

To further complicate matters, a secret organisation called Zodiac is bent on derailing Stark's plans. Not only do they manage to steal his latest version of the Iron Man suit, but they constantly challenge the high-tech knight with their evil robots. And it seems as if the shadowy culprit could actually be someone Stark has always thought he could trust ...


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