Script: Listening Exercise 92

Script: Listening Exercise 92


Amanda is an auctioneer at an auction house which usually holds two or three auctions a week. Today, Amanda has been auctioning items on behalf of a private collector who is selling a lifetime’s assortment of collectables.

Item 1

Amanda: Lot 443. We have here an exceptional pearl bracelet from Japan. Look at the exquisite quality of the pearls. It dates back to 1933. The bracelet is still in its original leather case and the dated jewellery shop receipt is even in the case. A lot of ladies were admiring this item during viewing. I will start the bidding at five thousand dollars. I see five. Five. Six? Thank you sir. Six and a half thousand. Seven from the lady in red. Eight, eight and a half. Do I hear nine? Nine thousand? Thank you, madam. Nine and a half? No? We are at nine thousand. Any further bids for this beautiful pearl bracelet? Going, going, gone. Sold for nine thousand dollars to the lady in the second row.

Item 2

Amanda: Now we come to lot 464. This is a cuddly old teddy bear looking for a home. Isn’t he wonderful? Antique teddies like him are much sought after by collectors, today. He is German we know that by the button in his ear. He was bought by the sellers grandmother in Berlin in 1922 yes, we have the exact date. He has never been played with by children so he is in perfect condition. What is my opening bid? Two thousand five hundred dollars? It is rare to find a German teddy bear in such wonderful condition. Do I have three? Three and a half? Wonderful. Three and a half from the gentleman over there. We have a reserve on this item. Four thousand? Four and a half with the lady on the phone. Five. Five and a half, madam? Good. The bid is at five and a half. Six anyone? Six thousand? Still at five and a half thousand? The reserve is eight thousand. Anyone offer the reserve price? No? Item not sold. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Item 3

Amanda: And next is lot number 654. This is a beautiful gold pocket watch made in Switzerland at the start of the twentieth century. The watch is in excellent working condition and it has the maker’s name, Noir - N-O-I-R and Company – engraved on the lid. I noticed there was quite a lot of interest in this item before the auction began. And what do I have for an opening bid? This is a very collectable item for anyone who likes fine watches. And my opening bid is? One thousand dollars from the gentleman in the first row, one and a half, two. Do I have two and a half? Two thousand five hundred from the lady at the back. Three. Do I have three thousand? Yes, three from the gentleman here. Three and a half? Three and a half from the gentleman at the front. Four, anyone? No? The bid is at three and a half thousand dollars. Going... going... gone! Sold to this gentleman for three thousand five hundred dollars. Thank you, sir.

Item 4

Amanda: Lot 747. A beautiful old Mont Blanc fountain pen. Made in France about 1950. It is solid silver with a gold nib. The nib, the bit you write withis quite wide compared to modern pens. I’ll start the bidding at five thousand. We have tested the pen and it is in full working condition. Five, anyone? Thank you, sir. Five one, five two? Five five, sir? Thank you. The workmanship in this lovely fountain pen is outstanding. Six thousand dollars? Anyone? Thank you, madam. Six and a half? Seven? Seven thousand dollars. Seven one? Seven two? Thank you, sir, the gentleman in the fourth row. Is that my closing bid?Ah, Seven three. Any further bids? Going... going... gone. Seven thousand three hundred dollars to the lady in the back row.

Item 5

Amanda: And now onto lot 835. This will be of great interest to movie fans. We have here a very rare autographed postcard signed by Bruce Lee for his film "Fist of Fury". We can date this exactly to 1972 and Lee has written "Los Angeles" just above his signature. The post-card is in its original cellophane protective cover and on the back someone, not Bruce Lee, has written the words "What about this?" Who will start the bidding? Do we have any Bruce Lee fans out there? Three hundred dollars? Is that all? Come along, ladies and gentlemen, this is a unique item. Three hundred and fifty. Four. Four fifty. That’s better. Four hundred and fifty from the lady here at the front. Five. Six hundred? Thank you, sir. Six hundred and fifty anyone? Six forty? Six thirty? Six thirty from the gentleman in the third row. Any more bids? Going ... going... gone. Sold to the gentleman in the third row.


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