Script: Listening Exercise 89

Script: Listening Exercise 89



You work at a publisher’s in Central. Your company has just got a contract to publish a Hong Kong edition of a best-selling New York magazine. Two people from the parent company in New York are visiting your office to see how things are done. At an informal meeting this morning, they introduce themselves.

Brad: My name’s Brad Morris and I’m thirty-one years old. I’ve worked for our company for ten years, since I left university. My first job was in finance, working in the accounts department, then I moved into legal but now I am a sales manager. That’s me!

Helen: I’m Helen North and I’m twenty-six. I used to work in sales with Brad, and that’s where we became friends as well as colleagues. I’ve only been with the for three years. I worked one year in sales and then I moved into the design department. That seems to be a strange move, but my degree is in photography and graphic design, so now I’m where I should be and am enjoying every minute of it.

Brad: We both live in the same apartment block but we don’t see each other much outside work. We used to see a lot more of each other obviously when we both worked in the same department.

Helen: I do sometimes see Brad at the gym. We both enjoy playing squash. But like here in Hong Kong, we work long hours in New York. It’s only really at the weekend that we have time to see family and friends.

Brad: That’s right. But one night a week I do manage to get to my theatre group but I’ve had to give up the French course I’d started because I just hadn’t the time to do all the work.

Julie: I’m not really sporty. I go to the gym and play squash just to keep fit. I help out with a group of disabled kids on Saturday morning and I’ve just started to learn to play the piano. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid but only just got round to doing something about it. How far I’ll get I don’t know, but I’m pretty keen at the moment.


Anna and Betty are having a chat in a coffee shop. Anna thought she knew quite a bit about Betty, but there’s one thing she has never mentioned before.

Anna: That’s the first time you’ve mentioned you have a brother. I didn’t know that.

Betty: Yes, we’re twins. He’s called Johnny. I don’t see him since he moved to China and we don’t get on very well when we do meet. So, I don’t miss him.

Anna: Where does he live?

Betty: When Mum and Dad divorced, Johnny decided to get out of Hong Kong, he was so upset. He got a job in Shanghai, and he’s only been back here once in five years.

Anna: Does he look like you?

Betty: We aren’t identical twins, thank goodness. We both have surprisingly light brown eyes, but I’ve got straight hair and his is wavy. He wears specs and I don’t.

Anna: Do you both like the same things?

Betty: We are both very arty like Dad and both as intelligent as each other, but I was better at exams at school because Johnny got too nervous.

Anna: I’d like to meet him one day.

Betty: No chance! I don’t think he’ll come back to Hong Kong as long as mum and dad are living apart. It’s a pity, but that’s the way it is. Now, let’s change the subject - please!


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