6ixty 8ight fashion show

6ixty 8ight fashion show

6ixty 8ight, a new brand of girly, casual and affordable leisurewear and accessories, has opened at Harbour City's LCX. As Young Post's junior fashion correspondents, we were invited to the new brand's fashion show.

We went along to the show expecting an ordinary presentation - models walking up and down the catwalk and posing - but suddenly the lights went out and pink spotlights lit up the stage.

Models were literally carried out onto the catwalk like mannequins and suddenly started dancing to pop songs. They were dressed in this season's brightly coloured hot styles - from pretty animal prints to ditsy floral patterns, cool-looking skulls and funky checks.

The show definitely embodied the 6ixty 8ight brand's style of young, flirty and fun. Creative director Marie Destombe said 6ixty 8ight is perfect for free-spirited girls who are fun-loving and live life to the fullest. The brand introduces an idea of mixing and matching pieces to embody the adventurous nature of today's youth. It encourages girls to take fashion risks - experiment with bright colours and vibrant patterns, and make a bold statement. What we loved most is not that it's new, but that it's affordable.

6ixty 8ight hopes to open more than 20 stores in Hong Kong and China and it may expand into Japan.



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