Script: Listening Exercise 87

Script: Listening Exercise 87


Voice 1: A new world record was set in August for human dominos. The successful event took place in the Mongolian city of Ordos when ten thousand two hundred and seventy six people, mostly students, sat down in a long chain and then fell over in sequence, one by one.

Voice 1: The previous record for a human domino chain was set ten years ago in Singapore. In 2000, nine thousand two hundred and thirty four Singaporean students got into the GuinnessWorld Record, with their human domino fall, but the Ordos event beat this fairly and squarely by several hundred.

Voice 1: How did it all happen? The rules were very strict. The students all wore white or orange t-shirts, and sat cross-legged on the ground, one person in front of the other. One after another, each human domino had to fall backwards in five seconds. Each person had then to lie still on the legs of the person behind and not sit back up.

Voice 1: The line of human dominos stretched around the square in Ordos for two hundred metres. The first domino fell at nine am as Chinese basketball star Mengke Bateer threw a basketball at the first person in line, knocking him over. They were off! The whole line took one hour and twenty minutes to fall completely.

Voice 1: The Ordos domino students had trained for four hours a day for the three days before the event. Their success was all due to split-second timing and self-control. If one domino had sat upright before the whole line had fallen, the record attempt would have been void.

Voice 1: Fortunately all went well on the day of this record breaking event. All the human dominos knew what to do and what was expected of them. Will it take another ten years before the Ordos record is broken? Who knows? Let’s applaud the human dominos of Ordos for their efforts and their entry into the GuinnessWorld Records. Well done!


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