Sure to please the faithful

Sure to please the faithful

Alternative band The Script released their second album in September, and it skyrocketed to No 1 on the UK charts. Science & Faith picks up comfortably where their first album left off, with no wild deviations or musical experiments. The Irish trio's return, with their famous alternative rock sound still intact, is sure to keep fans happy.

Opening track You Won't Feel a Thing is an excellent pop-rock song that shows off lead singer Danny O'Donoghue's vocal range. He switches between sharp verses and moving choruses without missing a beat, adding a dash of hip hop. It is a fast-paced yet poignant feel-good song about overcoming adversity.

However, it is their hit single, For the First Time, that rightfully shines. Beginning with sparse acoustics, the love song is instantly endearing, as O'Donoghue sings about difficulties in love. He shamelessly and repeatedly 'oohs' in the chorus, but the effect is rather nice: the vocals blend perfectly with the melody, steering clear of cliches.

With so much about hardship and break-ups, the album reflects a lot of 'faith', but not so much 'science'. The songs may be fresh on their own, but the album soon becomes tiresome. The Script devotees will adore this album - anyone else should listen in moderation.



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