The Lost Ship in the Sky (film)

The Lost Ship in the Sky (film)

The latest Detective Conan movie, The Lost Ship in the Sky, has thrills, chills and high-flying action that shouldn't be missed. This is the 14th film in the franchise - the films' releases have become a much-anticipated annual event for fans. They come out every April in Japan with a DVD release in November.

The story finds our little sleuth trapped on a Zeppelin with a group of terrorists armed with a deadly virus. His only ally is his arch-nemesis, the gentleman thief Kaitou Kid.

The movie sees little Conan battling it out with the armed baddies in the rafters and gangways of the giant flying machine armed with nothing more than wits and gnarly skateboarding skills that would even make Tony Hawk jealous.

The movies are not based on the original manga and very rarely have an impact on the television show's storyline. This latest excursion may not have expanded on the long-running Black Organisation storyline, but as a standalone tale, it's an exciting, action-packed ride - even if it is on a slow-moving Zeppelin. There isn't much exercising of the "little grey cells" here, which is unfortunate, but the over-the-top action definitely makes up for it.

The movie has been released on DVD in Japan - it shouldn't be too long before we get a Hong Kong version. If you can't wait, pick up any of the previous 13 Conan movies on DVD.


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