Script: Listening Exercise 84

Script: Listening Exercise 84

Grandma's visit

Amy is in a bad mood. Her mum has just told her that Grandma is going to visit and Amy is not pleased about this at all. Listen to the conversation between Amy and her mum.

Mum: Why the long face? Why are you suddenly looking so angry?

Amy: You know why. Grandma and I don't get on and I don't like it when she comes to stay.

Mum: Don't be silly. She brought you a lovely present the last time she was here.

Amy: You must be joking! A lovely present? She gave me a pair of awful pink fluffy slippers that I wouldn't be seen dead wearing. She thinks I'm still a kid.

Mum: Well, she’s coming on Saturday to stay with us for ten days. You know she's been in hospital having an operation on her leg. She needs someone to look after her while she gets better.

Amy: I'm not going to be her servant.

Mum: It's only for a short time. You'll be quite comfortable sleeping on the sofa in the living room.

Amy: What! I'm not going to have to give up my room, am I? I refuse. I'm not sleeping on the sofa.

Mum: There's nothing else we can do.

Amy: Yes, there is. She can go and stay with Uncle Peter. They have a spare bedroom. That's a much better idea.

Mum: You know that Uncle Peter and Aunt Jane are both out all day at work. They couldn't look after her.

Amy: But you and Dad are both out at work all day.

Mum: Yes... er ... but it's the school holidays and...

Amy: Oh, no! You must be joking!

Mum: I’m going to take the afternoons off work during Gran's stay.

Amy: So?

Mum: It isn't unreasonable to ask you to stay at home while I'm working in the morning.

Amy: I am not going to look after her. She criticised every thing I wore when she was here last time. She said some terrible things.

Mum: You're exaggerating.

Amy: She wouldn't let me watch what I wanted on TV.

Mum: It's only for a week and a bit. You'll survive.

Amy: She doesn't like me and nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

Mum: That's not true. You are her only grandchild.

Amy: So what? I'm going to talk to dad about this. He'll understand how I feel. Dad! Dad! Can we talk?


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