Debut album not quite right

Debut album not quite right

The success of Mike Posner's dance single Cooler than Me paved the way for a highly anticipated debut album. 31 Minutes to Takeoff does not live up to the promise of the single, but Posner's experimentation with techno-pop and R&B results in some memorable tracks.

Please Don't Go begins as a solid dance song, but the synthesised overlays are heavy and awkward. The electronics resurface to better effect in the upbeat Cooler than Me, a sure crowd-pleaser. Gone in September is a light-hearted number with synthesised hooks.

Posner's scratchy vocals work best when he relaxes into R&B. Bow Chicka Wow Wow boasts a catchy, guitar-driven chorus line, and the bold brass and back beats in Do You Wanna make for a leisurely listen. However, Posner's vocals are lacking in power and range. Standout track Deja Vu features boy band Boyz II Men whose pleasant harmonies highlight Posner's shortfalls.

He sings frequently of his own experiences and is often sincere, but sometimes he descends into whining. In Cheated, Posner repeats: "I should have cheated, cheated, cheated", finishing with: "Caroline Stevens, this song is for you". TMI, Posner.

There are some good songs here, but not quite enough.

Contains adult themes.

YP rating: 3/5



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