Glamberts united

Glamberts united

Adam Lambert hit Hong Kong in his inimitable style


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Glambert fever swept through the territory on Tuesday with the opening Asian headliner for the Glam Nation Tour. As part of the Adam Lambert experience, three lucky Young Post readers had an amazing opportunity to go to the singer's concert, and play reporter for a day. One of them even attended Lambert's official press conference.

They had a wonderful time watching their idol deliver a truly electrifying show.

Here, the three reporters share their feelings about slipping into the world of glam for a few hours ...

Ruby Leung, 13

I felt so honoured to attend the press conference and meet Adam in person. He is the coolest person I've ever met. He seemed very enthusiastic about meeting his passionate fans. It was particularly exciting for me, because I had the chance to talk to him.

I even asked Adam about his favourite song from his album, For Your Entertainment - it was something I longed to know. He said: "Performing Fever was really fun, I had a great time doing Sure Fire Winners ... They kind of showed different sides of my personality."

On top of that, I got a hug! Adam was so nice to his fans, giving warm hugs to many of them. It was an unbelievable experience. And that was even before the concert started.

I went to his concert that evening and had the most enjoyable night ever. Adam was so hot on stage. I really loved it when he performed If I Had You. He shouted: "Ladies and gentlemen! Do you know the lyrics of this song?" The crowd screamed "Yes!" and we all sang along and jumped up and down.

By the end of the concert, I was in the grip of "Adam Lambert Fever". I will never forget this day for the rest of my life!

William Cheng Man-kit, 16

The concert was absolutely awesome! Not only were the songs and dancing great, so were the costumes, the sets and the atmosphere. Lambert's costumes were unique, stylish and, of course, glamorous. His outfits varied from trendy coats to big hats layered with gold dust.

The dazzling lights and thunderous drums were a perfect match for Lambert's songs. The glam rocker kept the crowd on their toes the entire night.

The fans were chanting - they were actually screaming "Adam! Adam!" - and waving glow sticks from side to side and singing along with him. Adam had it right with the lyrics to For Your Entertainment: "Imma hold ya down until you're amazed / Give it to ya til you're screamin' my name."

My favourite part of the concert was simply seeing Adam in the flesh. He sang vibrantly, danced wonderfully and gave lots of gifts to his fans, raising the party atmosphere to a new level.

Candace Shevonne Kwan, 17

Adam Lambert. The source of so much controversy. The mere mention of his name evokes a variety of reactions - from "I'm going to marry him some day" (complete with sighs and dazed expressions) to "Guys shouldn't wear glitter". Adam is happy, and he embraces his identity - he even flaunts it. But the best thing is he encourages us to be ourselves.

The songs appealed to everyone. He performed If I Had You, which made the crowd jump and fist-pump. He sang the ballad Whataya Want from Me, which brought tears to our eyes. Throughout the concert, the chemistry between Adam, his band and the dancers was there for all to see - you could feel their enthusiasm. It was infectious and spread through the crowd like wildfire.

Nothing could bring us down (except the fact that missing our strict school-night curfew could result in us being grounded).

Watching Adam do what he does best - entertain the crowd - was an unforgettable experience. It's no wonder he was touted as Simon Cowell's favourite during the final stages of American Idol (Season Eight).

Even though Adam didn't win, he gained way more than just experience - he acquired a huge fan base of "Glamberts".

And, yes, I'm a Glambert and proud of it!



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