Women must fight on

Women must fight on

Despite feminism's successes, women remain one of the world's most underrated resources.

The social benefits of educating girls can be vast. Educated women marry later and tend to have fewer, healthier and better educated children. They also give more back to the community.

The education of women is a powerful tool to combat overpopulation and bridge the widening rich-poor gap.

As young women with proper education, we must not shy away from the challenge of fighting for women who were born less fortunate - or not born at all.

In some cultures femicide remains widespread. Baby girls are aborted, neglected, or simply killed. Estimates differ, but around 100 million baby girls who should be on this earth are not.

That's 100 million feminists missing from our world.

The post-feminist generation is filled with women who have benefited from feminism's hard-won victories, but don't want to carry on the torch for women's rights.

Feminism has come a long way, and women have made great strides in a short time. Yet our work is far from done.

Remember those 100 million dead baby girls. Do not be ashamed or afraid to be a feminist.

Feminism is about understanding and pursuing women's rights, whether or not you call yourself an actual feminist.

You don't have to take to the streets and lead a revolution, but do not ignore important issues still affecting women today.



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