The kingdom of lost toys works its magic

The kingdom of lost toys works its magic

Our junior reporters were charmed by singing youngsters who brought a timeless tale alive on stage

Earlier this month Young Post junior reporters attended The Toy Kingdom Challenge musical at the Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre. More than 100 youngsters from the Little Trout Children's Choir performed in the show.

TVB artist Dennis Ng played the Toy King in the story about three youngsters who abandon their old toys after receiving new ones. The sad old toys sell their hearts to the Toy Kingdom. When the children realise their toys are gone, they go on a journey to rescue them.

The junior reporters share their impressions of the show and their interview with its teenage pianist.

Chelsea Yiu Ching-see

The choir's performance was way beyond my expectations. The actors ranged in age from three to above 20, yet they all worked well together. I loved the songs and the plot.

Kobe Lee Wai-ling

I'm just like the boys in the play who prefer the new to the old. The musical made me realise I must appreciate my old toys. They have been with me for a decade and I shouldn't have neglected them. It's time to pick up them again!

Tiffany Leung Chung-yan

Each performer brought something to the show. I am very proud of those little kids for being brave enough to perform on stage without getting nervous. I hope my little brother can join them so he can learn to express himself with flair.

Janet Tam Ka-wing

I didn't know much about the Little Trout Children's Choir before and was pleasantly surprised by the show. The children put a lot of effort into their performance. Although some of them may have to work on their acting skills, it was clear that they all enjoyed performing.

The costumes were cute, especially that of the character Jumbo Pig, who wore a glittery red bow tie and a lovely little piggy hat.

Interview with Stephanie Siu, an 18-year-old student from St Catharine's School for Girls (Kwun Tong), who was the show's pianist.

How do you feel after the performance?

Although my hands feel quite tired, I really feel happy and excited about having performed in such a nice and interesting show. I really enjoyed rehearsals because we all played and sang together.

How long did you practise for the show?

I've been practising with the choir for about one year. But I also practised for the songs during my private piano lessons.

Did you enjoy the performance?

Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the costumes. I took photos with the kids and I had a chance to perform with TVB artist Dennis Ng.

Would you want to be one of the characters in the show?

No. I don't think I have good facial expressions. Besides, I don't know how to act on stage. Being a pianist is good enough for me.



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