Charlie Green: prince of jazz

Charlie Green: prince of jazz

Charlie Green shot to fame at the age of 10 on Britain's Got Talent 2008 with his swinging rendition of Frank Sinatra's Summer Wind. Two years on, he continues to reinvent classics with his latest CD, A Friend Like You.

The title track is a fun, ostentatious jazz duet with Rachelle Ann Go. Green's voice soars effortlessly over the ringing brass. This flawless talent continues with On the Sunny Side of the Street, a light-hearted song that convinces the listener to "leave your worries on the doorstep".

Comparisons to Michael Bubl?and Sinatra abound, but there is a purity and gentle airiness to Green's vocals. His cover of Let it Be is refreshingly different, with Green keeping the Beatles' classic piano backing and adding his own zeal to the song.

There is scope for greater maturity on some tracks. Green sings sweetly through Donny Osmond's Go Away Little Girl, but his youthful interpretation is odd given the lyrics: "I'm dating somebody else".

But Green answers the challenge in Too Young, when he croons sensually, "We're not too young to know this love". The youthful charm works best, though, on Oh My Papa - a poignant celebration of a father.

Don't just dismiss Green as another Bieber; this artist proves himself a prince in the jazz realm.

YP rating: 4/5



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