Something odd but exciting

Something odd but exciting

Pop rock trio The Hoosiers are back, with their second chart-topping album, The Illusion of Safety. The band has delved even deeper into their trademark fusion of pop and rock, and crafted an album that ultimately makes your foot tap and your heart pound.

Fans have eagerly awaited the album since the lead single and opening track, Choices, was released a few months ago. The synth riff provides a solid background for the swooping vocals and diving melodies. Choices is a fair indication of what to expect in the album: feel-good, bubbly music.

Unlikely Heroes, the fast-paced second single, has a ridiculously upbeat introduction, complemented perfectly by the signature sing-shout lyrics. The vocals switch seamlessly between a diminutive falsetto and a pounding deep bass, creating a disconcerting club effect.

Songs such as Who Said Anything (About Falling in Love)? show off The Hoosiers' range of talent. It's a ballad about pain and lost love, dominated by the piano and a powerful melody.

The Hoosiers once appropriately dubbed their genre "oddpop". Resistant to current pop tunes, The Hoosiers have created something both strange but classic, a throwback to '80s music but infused with something extraordinary and exciting.

YP rating: 4/5



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