Welcome to the creepy house of fun

Welcome to the creepy house of fun

Yougn Post Junior reporters get an inside look at one of the features on offer at Ocean Park's Halloween Bash this year


Wong Man-chun and the junior reporters get into the spirit of Halloween
Wong Man-chun and the junior reporters get into the spirit of Halloween
Photos: Olivia Chavassieu
The highlight of our trip to Ocean Park's Halloween Bash was an interview with Wong Man-chun, who was in a scary ghost costume. Wong is a skilled children's drama actor who trains performers at Ocean Park's two haunted houses: the Pang Brothers' Child's Eyes and Terror Park.

Wong has been taking part in Ocean Park's Halloween Bash for eight years. No matter what characters actors are assigned, they have to do their best, he says.

One year, the performer recalls, he was not thrilled about the character he had been assigned. But his hard work won him a best actor award.

Halloween acting is no child's play, Wong warns. His team works almost every night during the month-long Halloween Bash. They wear heavy costumes with full make-up.

Wong says performers need to find a balance between fun, scary and creepy.

The best performer isn't the one that [scares people the most], but the one that makes people smile," he explains.

Then he burst into laughter, screeching like a witch, and scared the pants off the young reporters.

The reporters also had a tour of the Pang Brothers' haunted house with the lights on so they could see how things worked.

Fatima Zahra Arshad

Even with the lights on, the haunted house was pretty scary. Although I knew the special effects - mist, moving objects and scary sounds - were man-made, they were still creepy. And it was fun to watch performers prepare for a show. Mr Wong's smile in his pale make-up gave me the creeps!

Fong Hui-yi

Now I know Ocean Park is not just a theme park. Our behind-the-scenes tour showed us the dedication of the performers.

Candace Kwan

I grew up in the US, and for me Halloween's all about innocent fun. It was hard to imagine Halloween as a truly unnerving occasion until I went to Ocean Park. Our interview with a senior performer was the icing on the cake and a great way to end our outing.

Janet Tam

I seldom have the chance to talk to artists, and Mr Wong answered all our questions patiently. The interview helped me understand what it's like to work in the Halloween Bash. His witch's laugh was pretty creepy.

Wong Yin-wing

Haunted houses are haunted, it turns out, not by real ghosts but with special effects. But even though I knew all the spooky things were fake, they still scared me to death. The tour was one spooky ride!

Natalie Ong

I learned that animated objects inside the haunted houses are not operated by complex machines but a simple system that uses air. When a big air compressor sucks in air, objects move in or down. When it releases air, they move out or up.

Kimberley Cheung

Mr Wong is very enthusiastic and entertaining. He was very friendly; I wish we could have chatted to him longer.

Cheung Yiu-lun

A trip through a haunted house takes only five minutes, but the work and effort put into it were really impressive. The actors were great.

Ellis Lee

Even with the lights turned on and a guide showing us the mechanics, we were still scared by the performers walking around in their creepy costumes. Then I spotted some performers playing video games. It was funny - not something you'd see every day.



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