Script: Listening Exercise 81

Script: Listening Exercise 81

Some unlikely stories

Polly and Zara are two very talkative young ladies. If they get in trouble, they always think they can talk themselves out of it. Recently, both of them have failed to give homework in on time. Listen to the excuses they gave their teachers. And did their teachers believe them? Well, that's another story.


Miss! Mrs Wong! Could I have a word with you please? I'm really sorry, but I can't give my poetry project in this morning. I'm really sorry. This is the first time I've been late handing in any of your homework and I do apologise. I have done the project, miss. I finished it last Thursday. But something terrible happened last night. I was checking through my project one last time before I gave it in this morning. I was lying on my bed carefully going through what I'd written. I'd done six pages. I was reading the last page when our new puppy jumped up onto the bed. He's cute but really naughty. He's only eight weeks old. Before I could stop him, he'd got my project in his mouth and was chewing it. We can't leave any magazines or newspapers lying about because Bobby chews them and shreds them to bits. I'm really sorry, miss, but I can't give in my homework because the dog ate it. I'm so sorry. I promise that I'll finish doing the project again by the end of the week. I was stupid and didn't keep a copy on my notebook. But I kept my notes so I will have definitely done it again by the end of the week. Will that be okay, miss?


Mr North? Sir? I wasn't able to give my maths homework in this morning, sir. I'm really sorry. I will give it in tomorrow if that’s okay. I have done the homework, sir, but I don't have it to hand in. I panicked when I realized what had happened. This week my cousin from America has been staying with us. He's an undergraduate at a university in New York. He's studying science. Last night I asked him to give me a bit of help with my maths homework. There were a couple of things I didn't understand. He explained them and I finished the questions. My cousin didn't do the homework for me, really he didn't, but he did help me with a few things. I left my maths file on the kitchen table and he asked me if he could look through it to see what sort of marks I've been getting this term. He took my file into his bedroom. He left Hong Kong this morning. My dad drove him to the airport, and to tell you the truth, sir, I forgot he has my maths file. I went to look for it in his bedroom just before I left for school and I couldn't find it anywhere. Mum helped me search all over the flat. I think my cousin must have accidentally put it in one of his bags. I'm sorry, sir, but I think my maths homework must be half way to America by now.


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