Feel-good, catchy fun

Feel-good, catchy fun

Soundtrack album Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam reunites the Camp Rock cast, including the Jonas brothers and Demi Lovato, to make feel-good music, with likeable bright pop and rock tunes.

Opener Brand New Day is an upbeat song with catchy guitar riffs; it's a perfect summer anthem. It's On is an enthusiastic number sung by the entire cast, with a catchy rap section from Matthew "Mdot" Finley.

Lovato is given every chance to showcase her vocals. In Can't Back Down, Lovato takes the lead over synthesisers and heavy beats to urge Camp Rock to step up to the challenge of its rival. She adapts well to the album's various styles, standing out in the country number Different Summers. Wouldn't Change a Thing is a tender duet with Joe Jonas, a tuneful reason to believe that Dis/ney was right to revisit this collaboration.

Moments of musical maturity come through in tracks such as Introducing Me by Nick Jonas. A Jason Mraz-esque acoustic number, the tongue-twisting lyrics make for a pleasant track, while Iron Weasel's Rock Hard or Go Home brings the album to a rousing finish.

But Disney's unmistakable cheerful veneer can get a bit grating. It also means there is little variation on the standard hooks and guitar riffs. There's no new ground broken, but it is all harmless, good fun.

YP rating: 4/5



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