Pedalling against pollution

Pedalling against pollution

Mass cycling event hopes to show it's possible to get around HK on a bike

Air pollution caused by cars is often blamed for contributing to climate change. To reduce emissions from cars, environmental group Greenpeace has scheduled a 'Cycling Parade' for Sunday.

About 800 people will be cycling the streets of Hong Kong Island to raise awareness of this global problem.

In Hong Kong, cycling is a leisure or sporting activity but is seldom used for transportation. Participants of the parade will venture from Chater Road in Central to North Point and back again, to demonstrate that cycling can be a practical way of getting around. The whole trip will take about two hours.

Greenpeace campaigner Koo Wai-muk says the parade is a good way to promote awareness of climate change. It shows Hong Kong people are willing to take action.

'The campaign will help voice the public's concerns and pressure the government to pay more attention to the problem,' he says. The 'World Carfree Day' will be held on September 22. Organisers hope that together with this event, the parade will spread a strong message about environmental awareness.

Greenpeace will use the plight of polar bears and the melting ice caps as the theme for both events, according to Koo. 'When temperatures rise ... people can simply turn on the air conditioner. But polar bears don't have this option and the melting of ice caps is not stopping,' Koo says.

Taking part in the parade for the second time, Dr Jeff Au Yeung says: 'The sight of a huge group of cyclists travelling through the busy streets of Hong Kong is definitely a way to attract attention from the public.'

Au Yeung hopes more people will take part in the parade to pressure the government into taking action to save the environment.

'The parade will also help Hongkongers to realise the benefits of cycling, and encourage more people to do it.'

Please support participating cyclists on Sunday by watching the parade, and show the government you approve of actions against climate change. Your support could be a step closer to protecting our environment.



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