A pick-me-up album

A pick-me-up album

Japanese pop-rock girl band Scandal has released its second studio album Temptation Box, a collection of songs which can hardly fail to get you moving in time to the music.

Opening song Everybody Say Yeah! plunges listeners straight into the world of Scandal and promotes a sense of happiness. Although the lyrics are quite repetitive, the dynamic vocalists help build the mood and keep boredom at bay.

The fourth track, After School, is about school life - rather fitting for a group who tend to dress in school uniform. The song has a strong melody, sweet vocals and a rather lively arrangement.

Hi-Hi-Hi is the most powerful song on the album, and is sure to wake you up. The fast lyrics and rhythm are a good reflection of Scandal's spirit. The eighth track, Girlism, is another very enjoyable song. The steady bass line gives the number a sense of continuity and smoothness .

The soft-rock-tinged Goodbye My Friend is an appropriate choice for the album's last track.

Temptation Box is a dynamic album full of energetic tracks. However, non-fans may feel bored because the rhythms are similar in every song. The lyrics are somewhat repetitive, too. But in spite of these criticisms, Temptation Box is a great album both for waking up in the morning and relaxing after a hard day.



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