Give youth of today a chance to be heard

Give youth of today a chance to be heard

This is the International Year of Youth, as designated by the United Nations, aimed at raising awareness of youth participation and development.

It also hopes to help today's young people to be recognised and heard by policymakers and society.

Young people in Hong Kong are eager to express themselves, though their sentiments are often regarded as noise - not a voice. They take to the streets to air their opinions and are often labelled radical or extreme.

Why? The people in control are still unprepared to embrace youth opinion and there are too few platforms where dialogue can be initiated and young voices be heard without these labels.

So what can we do? Apart from calling for more dialogues that genuinely allow opinions from across the board and are received by public administrators, young people must turn what they are passionate about into action to raise attention. Only through such efforts will we bring the greatest change, be it on issues such as socially marginalised groups or education.

Youth participation in society has already set sail. Now all we need is one voice and one mind to make ourselves visible.



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