Magic Mouse Story

Magic Mouse Story

During the summer vacation, Ronna wrote a story called the Magic Mouse. She was inspired by a book called the Tale of Despereaux. She shares her story with YP readers

One cold dark night, a litter of mice were born in a mouse family, the Wilson’s. All the babies were quite tiny at the time they were born, except for James, he was an obscenely large newly- born mouse compared to his siblings. Since he was unusually large for a baby mouse, his siblings started to speculate about him. This made James feel indignant. He even began to think that his existence was a kind of tragedy for his family.

When the mice were old enough, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson started to teach them some elemental survival skills like scurrying from one place to another. After the teaching was over, all the little mice grouped themselves together and went out to practice, but left James alone. James was so lonely. He climbed up to the hill, hoping to have some privacy to get rid of all the despairs happening to him. Unfortunately while he was climbing a tree, he slipped by stepping onto the wet soil. He started to tumble down the hill frantically, scrabbling and trying to get his balance.

When James landed at the bottom of the hill, he had already fainted dead away from sheer fright. The next morning, he finally woke up from his debacle. He had a serious headache and he couldn’t quite see well. He tried to find out where he was and hoped to find the way home. While he was looking around, he saw a small glass bottle under a tree. James walked nearer to the glass bottle and reached for it. James found that there was some yellowish potion inside the glass bottle, with a small piece of paper stuck on its surface. He saw some squiggles on the paper, he felt quite curious as to what it was. His head cocked to one side, he squinted and read the statement, which said

“If you find this potion, drink it and you will be as small as the sand on the seashore and as light as the dust in the air. Although you will be small in size, you will be 50 times stronger than you used to be. You can do anything you want to sice you will be too small to be seen. Your life will be wonderful! JUST DRINK IT.”

By the time James finished reading this, he thought, “Great! I can be greater and more powerful than all my brothers and sisters! I want to make them feel regret for leaving me alone!!” Then, as quickly as he could, James finished the potion without a tiny drop left inside the bottle. Immediately, James trembled uncontrollably and turned into the smallest creature ever!

After James realized that the potion had worked, he started to work out his plan for punishing his siblings. First, he collected many scraps of blanket all over the country. Then, he soon carried all the blanket scraps home by floating up in the air since he was light enough to be blown by the wind. After James arrived home, it was already nighttime and everyone had gone to bed. He thought that it was time to put into effect his punishing plan. He stuffed the blanket scraps into each of his siblings’ mouths whilst they were asleep, so that they could not shout out loud. Then, he hit each of them with all his might and kicked them with his hind legs! James siblings were all hurt and had bruises all over their bodies. Although they had searched all around the house, they still couldn’t find out who they were hit by. They were then frightened that there must be a ghost somewhere in the house. They were so scared that they couldn’t sleep well all night!

After James thought that he had completed his punishment plan, he ran out of the house to find something to do to celebrate.

Suddenly, a fairy-god-mother appeared. She gave James a potion that was in the colour of Champaign. He thought that even the fairy-god-mother was going to celebrate with him. He was so proud of himself and drank the potion without thought. Surprisingly, Jams immediately changed back to his normal size and strength. He also felt that he had just woken up from a deep sleep. The fairy-god-mother then told him that the potion he drank before was invented by a wicked witch. It could make oneself do all kind of bad things and lose control. Then, the fairy-god-mother took James back into the house to show him what he had done to his brothers and sisters.

When James entered the house, he saw that all his siblings were hurt quite badly. He knew that he had done wrong and had made a grave error. He apologized to them and swore that this kind of incident would never happen again. His siblings also realized that the way they had treated James before was unacceptable. They felt sorry for what they had done. They each kissed James as a welcome-home gift for him!



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