Online youth radio station to launch with a mission

Online youth radio station to launch with a mission

By Alison Lam, 15, German Swiss International School, Grade 11

Our first efforts as pioneers of a better, child-friendlier world where local youth could be heard and their opinions respected through Voices of Youth were not easy.

Basically, people on the streets ignored our requests for interviews and would not fill in questionnaires. Recording the programme content was another brush with reality. We were disappointed because we couldn't squeeze all our witty punch lines and overwhelming statistics into the 30-minute show.

Then there was learning to speak on air as radio hosts. That proved to be an even bigger challenge to the 16 of us.

We rehearsed so hard, even the producers themselves were tired of our pre-written jokes and corny puns.

Still, our passion for what we were doing eventually overcame the technical glitches and our occasional exhaustion.

And so we ground through the endless studio sessions and tedious press conferences, determined to cook up the best dish we could for city youth - a dish that could empower them to speak out and express their views on social issues.

The first episode celebrates the launching of Voices of Youth and aims to be fun. But coming up will be episodes on poverty in Hong Kong, melting ice caps, drug addiction and problems facing minorities.

To get a taste of what we have in store for you, head on over to Our very first programme airs online on September 4. We are hoping that as many young Hongkongers as possible tune in.

Some Hong Kong youths have been part of Unicef's Young Envoy programme and have seen radio stations work wonders in places like Nepal. I was fortunate to visit such a station last year. Now it is coming to Hong Kong. Stay tuned. Susan, Editor

Voices of Youth, an online children's radio station premiering this month and pioneered by Unicef, aims to speak out for children, and listen to and respect the voice of youth. Listen in on



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