Age-old rivalry returns

Age-old rivalry returns

It has been almost a decade since the original Cats & Dogs was released. The sequel is here at last, but with a whole cast of new characters.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is a feline vs. canine version of James Bond. The evil Kitty Galore aims to take over the world, and dog leaders Butch and Diggs must put aside natural antagonism for Catherine, a cat agent from spy organisation Meows, to work together to stop Galore.

Although supposedly in the same vein as the original Cats & Dogs, Kitty Galore lacks much of that battle between the two species. Fans of the 2001 movie may be disappointed if they come expecting a repeat of the tension of the first film.

The plot is a little predictable for today's sophisticated audiences who expect exhilaration and surprise at the cinema. This film also lacks some of the charm and humour that made the original a sleeper hit.

However, with its cute, cuddly animal characters, CGI that make scenes spring to life and chuckle-worthy comic gags, younger viewers are certain to find this very enjoyable.



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