More than meets the eye

More than meets the eye

False eyelashes come in various styles, colours and sizes. Whether the look is natural, chic or dramatic, the results can be simply stunning


(From left) Gloria Cheung Hoi-yin, Karen Chan Tsz-yan, Stephanie Siu Wing-laam and Heyna Wong
(From left) Gloria Cheung Hoi-yin, Karen Chan Tsz-yan, Stephanie Siu Wing-laam and Heyna Wong
Photos: Edmond So
False eyelashes have become increasingly common among Asian girls in recent years. They can transform your looks, making your eyes bigger, fuller and more appealing.

Make-up brand Shu Uemura launched its first collection of fake eyelashes in 2005. The brand brings revolutionary concepts to just about anyone who wishes to look amazing.

These days, Shu Uemura has four different collections - natural lashes for emphasis on eyes, accent lashes for magical effects, fantasy lashes for a dramatic impact, and the brand-new Tokyo lash bar, which allows customers to have their false eyelashes tailor-made for an elegant, modern look.

In July, Shu Uemura opened its first eye gallery at Faces in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. Four Young Post Junior Reporters took part in a workshop - conducted by make-up artists Gabe Ku Ka-man and Emily Yuen Tsz-ying - at the gallery, creating their own pair of eyelashes. Here they talk about their fabulous experience.

Stephanie Siu Wing-laam, 18, St Catharine's School for Girls, Kwun Tong

I've never worn fake eyelashes before so this was a unique experience. I had to choose a pair to suit the shape of my eyes. I chose some bling bling to stick on both sides of my false eyelashes. Gabe also taught us how to apply make-up. I have dark circles under my eyes and I look tired all the time. Gabe showed me how to massage my eyes to speed up blood circulation. This is a simple solution and I can try it at home.

To keep up with the ever-changing make-up trends, Gabe said she reads a lot of fashion magazines. Some people think teenagers should not use make-up. Of course, we should not wear make-up to school. But it is OK for parties or outings.

Gloria Cheung Hoi-yin, 18, Shau Kei Wan Secondary School

First, Gabe and Emily carefully cleaned my face and concealed the flaws with foundation.

Then came the fun part - we got to choose and create our own pair of false eyelashes! The make-up artists gave us valuable advice on choosing the right pair and explained how they should match our eyes.

Afterwards, we were allowed to choose a variety of colourful add-ons at Shu Uemura's unique "Lash Bar". I decorated my pair of false eyelashes with glittering jewels. Then Gabe and Emily applied eye shadow, liner, blusher and lip gloss, and helped us put on the customised eyelashes.

Heyna Wong, 18, Wa Ying College

Besides teaching us how to create our own pair of false eyelashes, the workshop focused on the basics of applying make-up. The procedures were time-consuming, but the make-up artists were patient and friendly. I chose my own decorations for the fake eyelashes and it wasn't too difficult to put them on. All you need is some glue, and add-ons such as feathers, rhinestones and beads. The total weight of each false eyelash cannot be more than 2 grams. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable.

In summer, it's better to choose light-coloured lashes. Darker tones are more suitable for autumn and winter. You can add some black feathers to your fake eyelashes to go with your furry winter clothes.

Karen Chan Tsz-yan, 19, HKU Space Po Leung Kuk Community College

Make-up artists Gabe and Emily did a fantastic job. They selected the most suitable make-up package to match my skin colour and clothing. They chose a pair of trendy eyelashes based on the shape of my eyes.

I am a lazy girl. I don't have the patience to apply make-up, so I enjoyed bring treated like a princess.

If you are fond of having dazzling add-ons to your favourite set of false eyelashes, you won't be disappointed with the decorations at Shu Uemura's gallery.

First impressions count, so I understand why women try to look glamorous most of the time.



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